Houston VAR Readies Mission Of Mercy

Joe Vaught, executive vice president and COO of Houston-based solution provider PCPC, has been prepared for years to use his private plane to help those in need. He's ready to fly again to New Orleans and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast as soon as he gets the word.

Vaught, a member of an organization that flies low-income patients to the MD Anderson cancer hospital in Houston free-of-charge, is also a Homeland Security First Responder Angel pilot. "So I'm sitting here with my pack ready to go," he said. "I can carry about 500 pounds. I expect to be called at any moment."

Employees of PCPC are now collecting clothes and shoes to send to the newly homeless. "Mark my words, when this is all over, Houston will be the biggest responder to the tragedy," he said. "We always are."

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