HP Unveils Data Protection, Archiving Offerings

The new products are aimed mainly at the enterprise, but some also will be attractive to small and midsize businesses, said Duncan Campbell, vice president of marketing for HP StorageWorks.

The HP ProLiant Data Protection Server bundles Microsoft's Windows Data Protection Manager software with a ProLiant server as a single product, Campbell said.

Windows DPM, introduced earlier this year, does data snapshots as often as once per hour in order to provide an almost up-to-date copy of data in case some of the information is lost or corrupted. It competes with other vendors current or upcoming continuous data protection software, which can take snapshots as often as several per second in order to ensure data is up-to-date.

Also new from HP is a new Virtual Tape Library System, model 6840, a follow-on to model 6105 that was introduced in May. The 6840 has capacity of up to 10 Tbytes and a throughput of up to 575 Mbytes per second, compared to 40 Tbytes and 400 Mbytes per second with the 6105, Duncan said.

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HP also introduced a new managed archiving service called HP Electronic Vaulting Services for a secure, scalable, automated remote backup, said Thomas Goepel, business strategy and portfolio manager for HP's business services.

E-Vaulting allows customers to compress and move data in encrypted format to one of 70 HP Recovery Centers around the world, Goepel said. To use the service, customers need a recovery appliance based on an HP server using software from Toronto-based Asigra installed in their data center. A key feature of the appliance is that no agents or client software are installed on the production servers, Goepel said.

The company also unveiled the HP StorageWorks File Migration agent, which uses policies similar to those set up for information lifecycle management schemes for migrating inactive data to lower-cost storage devices, including NAS appliances or HP's Reference Information Storage System (RISS) appliance. HP also introduced the HP StorageWorks Reference Information Manager for Database Archiving.

The Reference Information Manager is based on archiving software from Cupertino, Calif.-based OuterBay. Michael Howard, CEO of OuterBay, said the software identifies inactive information in a company's databases and relocates it to less expensive storage. The move is transparent to users, and enables compliance. It is also resold by EMC under the Database Xtender brand.

Campbell said that the Reference Information Manager software will initially be available for Oracle and SAP databases, and will be available for Microsoft and PeopleSoft applications in the future.

The ProLiant Data Protection Server and the 6840 Virtual Tape Library System are expected to be available Sept. 26. Prices have yet to be determined. The E-Vaulting service. StorageWorks File Migration agent, and Reference Information Manager are expected to be available in the fourth quarter.