NuView Releases Software, Looks For VARs

Version 1.1 of its StorageX storage management software virtualizes NAS and direct-attached storage data at the file level, enabling the storage to be managed as a single pool, said Rahul Mehta, founder and CEO. Data on a SAN can also be part of the file pool, as SANs are treated as direct-attached devices, he said.

"In large corporations, people typically have to map data across multiple drives," Mehta said. "After using StorageX, all the files can be accessed in one drive letter. It doesn't care where the files are physically located."

StorageX sets on a separate server to do the virtualization, which Mehta said eliminates the need to add new software to each desktop. The migration from a company's current file structure to a pooled file structure is transparent.

"We have all the tools to build the logical name space," he said. "You can even take information from the Active Directory to populate all the users in seconds. Data can be moved from one box to another, and the users will never know. All the attributes, including security, are the same as before."

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The new version of the StorageX software is currently available. Mehta said NuView plans to eventually move nearly all sales through indirect sales channels, although the company currently only has one large solution provider and a number of small partners signed up.

List price for StorageX starts at $1,000 per server processor, said Mehta. The per-processor price decreases as more processors are included in the setup. Solution providers can expect margins of up to 40 points, he said.