Choose Your Partnerships and Invest In Them

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It is not enough any more to simply have a long line card. In fact many savvy end-users look at solution providers who are purveyors of all as likely masters of nothing. Solution providers must choose which partners to invest in and put their time and money where their mouths are. Vendors are savvy, and major storage players such as Veritas, EMC, and IBM can be very choosy about who gets access to their best and brightest pre-sales team, and which partners they allow access to enterprise accounts.

Prioritize your partnerships and invest. A good way to do this is to evaluate your vendor partners. At least once a year, rate your partnerships from 1 to 4. A rating of 1 means you would heavily invest in technical competencies, marketing funds, and joint selling efforts. A rating of 4 is considered "dying on the vine". This means that you would be happy if you got a deal now and then, but would not cultivate the relationship.

There are several hundred storage startups out there making a splash and looking for partners. While many solution providers attempt to take the high road and be "vendor-neutral", a serious investment in time and loyalty to a few select partners will often pay huge dividends.

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  • Choose Your Partnerships and Invest In Them
  • Strengthen Your Technical Capabilities
  • Follow the Enterprise Applications
  • Develop Services Around Storage
  • Start Talking Software
  • Pitch the Future to Sell Today
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