Fujitsu Unveils New VAR Drive Program

Fujitsu Computer Products of America

Called Partner Force, the new program gives participating solution providers access to a password-protected Web site offering white papers, product road maps, data sheets and educational materials for customers, said Lorin Wilson, vice president of channel sales and marketing at Fujitsu.

Partner Force also gives partners toll-free technical support, field technical support and access to the company's Firmware and Compatibility Testing lab. The lab allows partners to test Fujitsu drives with their servers, host bus adapters and other products for standard and unique configurations, Wilson said.

In addition, the program includes an Internet-based RMA program that enables solution providers to bypass distributors to handle returns and repairs. Partners will also have access to an improved lead-referral program, in which leads will be passed to partners based on ZIP code or on specific qualifications such as NAS or SAN requests, said Wilson.

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