Avnet Debuts Best Practices For Storage

In March, the solution provider unveiled the Avnet Design and Implementation Methodology (ADIM) program, aimed at making sure storage skills and experience gained from SAN deployments become part of the company's best practices, said Jeff Beall, senior vice president of professional services at Avnet Enterprise Solutions, based here.

Until now, Avnet did an ad hoc job of managing its best practices, Beall said. "In the past, we took what a vendor offered for a particular installation but didn't reuse the skills," he said. "ADIM gives us a methodology to repeat the best practices that we've learned."

Beall cited as an example an Avnet customer that might have offices in California and Florida. "Now we can repeat in Florida the work we did in California," he said. "Or we can use our national overlay team to use the best practices of that job on subsequent engagements with that client or other clients."

Services covered under ADIM include needs assessment, solution design, implementation and after-sales services such as remote monitoring and technology updates, Beall said. The majority of those services will be done in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard, Avnet's biggest storage vendor, he said.

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