NuView Seeks To Untangle Windows Storage

In a typical Windows-based network, every time a change is made to a server, such as when a server is moved on the network or a data folder is moved from one server to another, the other servers must be individually updated to the changes, said Rahul Mehta, CEO of NuView, based here.

As a result, networked storage, whether via a SAN or NAS, becomes more and more complicated as the amount of data stored grows, Mehta said.

StorageX simplifies this process by virtualizing NAS, SAN, and direct-attached storage data at the file level, enabling the storage to be managed as a single pool, said Mehta. This gives users a single view of files and allowing changes in servers to occur transparently.

For instance, he said, if a user wants to move a folder to another server, it cannot be done unless all other users are notified. StorageX puts a logical name space on a separate server that sits between the various servers to handle the location of each folder. When a folder or server is moved, the location is updated in the logical name space, allowing access to the data to continue without interruption, Mehta said.

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Version 3.0 includes enhancements to the namespace creation and management to increase scalability, availability and manageability, which allow larger heterogeneous file storage to be treated as a single file system, said Mehta. The new version now works with Solaris and Linux environments, in addition to the original Windows focus, he said.

Version 3.0 also allows central management of multivendor NAS appliances, including appliances from Network Appliance and from those vendors whose products are based on Microsoft's Server Appliance Kit.

Also new is the ability to make sure that file security is maintained as data or servers are migrated to new locations.

For disaster recovery, the latest version of StorageX provides automatic failover between heterogeneous storage devices regardless of location. Mehta said this feature does not even require an actual disaster to occur. In the case of a simple hardware failure, or when a server needs to be powered down to update the operating system, the automatic failover feature ensures continual access to data, he said.

NuView currently is providing its solution and related services through a limited number of solution providers, but is looking to recruit more, said Mehta. Direct sales are now limited to only those situations where no solution provider is available, he said.

In addition to selling StorageX, solution providers can offer data migration services. They can also use StorageX as a tool for increasing storage capacity, as the software allows them to immediately know when new capacity is needed. "This is great account control," he said.

StorageX is suitable for use in networks as small as five servers. List price starts at $2,000 per managed server. Thirty-day free trial evaluations are available.