Veritas Software Aids Compliance

NetBackup 5.0 and Backup Exec 9.1 will have a data life-cycle management option that allows existing backup tapes to be scanned and indexed for compliance purposes, said Michael Sotnick, vice president of partner sales at Veritas.

With the option, corporate users will be able to track data as it is migrated and set it for auto deletion after a specific time, Sotnick said.

Scott Pelletier, storage practice manager at Lewan & Associates, a Denver-based solution provider, said people have long been confused over the difference between backing up and archiving data. "These are two completely different concepts," he said. "Having one software that is cognizant of both sides is very relevant to our customers."

The applications also will allow corporations to set policies for ensuring that critical data on desktops and laptops are automatically backed up, Sotnick said. NetBackup 5.0 will have new functions aimed at facilitating disk-to-disk backups, he added.

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