JNI, Troika in Exclusive License Deal

The agreement means San Diego-based JNI has access to the source code of Troika's Path Command Plus, software that helps IT administrators manage the data path in Fibre Channel-based SANs through host bus adaptors used in Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Solaris systems.

Troika's Path Command Plus software performs three tasks that provide redundancy, backup and balance within a cluster: failover to another host bus adaptor (HBA) if one fails, failback to the initial host bus adaptor once it is restored and load balancing the data flow among the multiple host bus adaptors for more efficient use of HBAs.

"Most dynamic management is only on one part of the SAN, either the server or the RAID side," says Chris Wildermuth, JNI's director of strategic marketing. "But this software works on both the host and the target."

JNI will take over all sales and support for both SCSI-to-Fibre Channel Zentai controllers as well as Path Command Plus software. In time, JNI will port Path Command Plus to its 2-Gbit Fibre Star HBAs.

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While the company continues to develop its 2-Gbit Fibre Star HBAs, JNI will sell Troika's Zentai controllers, which Wildermuth describes as "the Swiss Army knife of HBAs" because the components support sever-to-server clustering through Virtual Interface, long distance server-to-server clustering through FCIP and SCSI-to-Fibre Channel clusters.

"The key is the software," says Wildermuth. "We are getting the license to both [the Zentai controllers and the software, but what is key is the software."