IBM Unveils Storage Interoperability Testing and Certification Program

Kathleen Smith, vice president of storage solutions for IBM's Storage Systems Group, said TotalStorage Proven is aimed at ensuring both point-to-point interoperability and network-wide interoperability between IBM and non-IBM storage products, including disk arrays, NAS servers, tape automation products, software, and components.

By certifying specific configurations as interoperable, solution providers will be able to use the solutions to cut sales cycle and integration issues, Smith said.

IBM has already certified a number of solutions as TotalStorage Proven, including Sun servers with LTO tape automation products; HP-UX servers with SAP and IBM's Shark ESS storage array; and a disaster recovery solution using NT, Tivoli Storage Manager, LTO drives, and FAStT storage arrays, Smith said.

The company is also opening its TotalStorage Solution Centers, located in over 130 business partner locations worldwide, for testing custom storage solutions, said Smith.

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