Overland Introduces Latest SRM Software

Version 3.0 of the application offers active resource management, said Rick Balazs, director of product marketing at Overland, based here.

While most SRM applications passively look at the storage environments and write reports to the administrator. Overland's product can be set to proactively take actions based on policies, without the need for administrator intervention, Balazs said.

For instance, users can set the application to go out and find files not accessed for two years or more, Balazs said. While other applications can find the files, Overland's product can specify that such files be taken off disk and automatically be put to tape, he said. Or, if a disk array approaches full capacity, the software can automatically move older files to tape, he said.

Application agents are available for the new application for Oracle8i and 9i as well as Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Balazs said. With these agents, the application can run reports to allow administrators to see what is happening in the databases, see if they are running out of space, and let the system administrator or the database administrator know, he said.

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Also new is remote access via the Internet. This is helpful for solution providers that have access to the customer site, either inside or outside the firewall, Balazs said. "They can look at the customers' problems, then configure or set up the environment as needed," he said.

The application has been in beta testing since December, and is expected to be released to general availability this week, Balazs said. Price for the software is about $20,000 per Terabyte of storage to be managed. There is no per-server charge. Agents for SQL and Oracle cost another $10,000 regardless of managed capacity or number of servers, while Exchange agents run $10,000 for a Terabyte or more of capacity or $5,000 for less than a Terabyte.

The company, which does no direct sales, did not develop the product, but got it from Astrum, a Boston-based company that is one of the last independent developers of SRM software, Balazs said. "Astrum partners with us because they need the channel," he said. "They are direct, and we're 100 percent channel.

Overland already has started technical training for its solution providers, and has put in a lead-generation program to help drive sales for its partners, Balazs said. That program uses seminars, direct mail campaigns, telesales, and Web and trade shows for leads, and helps provide market development funds to help solution providers roll out new locations.