American Megatrends Launches Linux-Based NAS Solutions

"The new system incorporates all our expertise, from hardware to software, to optimize performance," said Michael Patellis, national sales manager for the Norcross-based company, which rolled out the new package at last week's CMP Xchange conference. "Combine that with our business model, which allows solution providers to sell a price- competitive package at 30 percent margin, and we've got a powerful storage solution."

The new StorTrends 2104 NAS hardware/software package can be configured to include up to 1 Tbyte of capacity, up to 3 Gbytes DDR memory and up to four ATA-100/133 drives. The new NAS Software 2.0 Linux-based bundle includes support for RAID, journaling, active directory services, access control lists, network information system and hardware health reports. The street price for the package runs about $2,299.

American Megatrends switched from a BSD to a Linux platform to help solution providers differentiate themselves, Patellis said, adding that the new platform increases performance by 30 percent to 40 percent and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Ted Roberts, general manager of Micromedia, a Greer, S.C.-based solution provider that focuses on video technology and network integration, estimates he can install and implement a Linux-based NAS for about one-tenth of the cost of a Windows-based solution.

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"I think moving to Linux is a good deal because the cost per seat is much lower," he said. "Having to pay for a [Windows] license for each seat is cost-prohibitive. Linux is freeware; you just have to pay for the software on the server, not on each system."

Moving from SCSI to ATA-100/133 will also help to save costs and increase performance, Roberts said.

One of the key features included in the new software is the SRM Express management station, designed to simplify multiple system monitoring. Based on Microsoft's .Net technology, the software includes capabilities for tracking and planning for storage growth, managing individual storage resources, analyzing storage consumption analysis, and collecting and storing data.

American Megatrends also released a new version of its MegaRAC, an integrated server management solution, which includes the Remote Server Management software package and sells for $499. All of the new products ship March 31.

The company recently segmented its channel program into Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. Each level includes free training, qualified leads, a dedicated sales rep, joint sales calls, marketing dollars and cash rebates of 2 percent for Platinum members and 1 percent for Gold members.

Dan Butler, director of marketing at DTX, a Melbourne, Fla.-based solution provider that focuses on building custom systems for health-care and other markets, said American Megatrends has been a strong vendor partner since he began working with it in 1991.

"Their support is excellent," said Butler, who mainly works with Megatrends' motherboards. "We build a lot of systems that require detailed engineering support, and they're one of the only companies to supply us with that. If we decide to get into storage, we'd consider working with Megatrends."