Strengthen Your Technical Capabilities

A recent Reality Research study showed that storage is starting to top the list of certifications solution providers plan to add over the next 18 months. Notably, IBM storage certifications were ranked as number 3 in the "likely to add" among

the largest segment of solution providers. The same study also noted that storage was rated number 3 as an overall business focus of solution providers.

Nothing generates the loyalty of an end user or increases leads from a storage vendor as quickly as a strong technical staff. It is not enough to just be extra feet on the street. Feet on the street are cheap. Competent and deep technical staff is expensive. Investing in certifications and training will not only help you retain loyal clients, but it will also put you at the top of most storage vendors' channel priority list. A storage software vendor client of Clear Sight recently complained about the inability to find storage solution provider organizations that have the ability to provide the technical services to design and support their software solution. As a result, this vendor is shrinking its partner program to focus only on those partners who pass technical muster. For those who do, it will be a windfall of leads and technical support.

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