Genuity Debuts Business Continuity Service Based On EMC Storage


Based on EMC's Symmetrix Remote Data Facility software, the service is designed to mirror customers' data in a remote Genuity data center or a remote customer facility. The service is built into Genuity's IP backbone and includes several services such as storage, remote data replication, on-demand capacity, Internet access services, remote site failover and optional managed Web hosting services.

"The trend of developing SAN technology for local storage is now complemented with technology that enables storage devices to remotely mirror data," said Paul Keresey, director of product management for storage and edge services at Genuity, based here. "It's about more than just low -tech tape backups now."

The service also includes new Fibre Channel to IP router technology from Computer Network Technology that converts the Fibre Channel protocol into standard IP protocol.

"This new device is comparatively inexpensive and in combination with the existing backbone, this product can bring costs down substantially because [the customer doesn't have to design it," Keresey said.

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Keresey said partners such as PricewaterhouseCoopers eventually will be involved in the sale and development of the Black Rocket Storage services, but partners' business continuity services are not fully developed yet.

"Business continuity is still kind of a new area for them too, but we will work with them when they are ready to build Black Rocket into their offerings," Keresey said.