Veritas Adds Storage Provisioning, End-to-end Active Discovery To SANPoint

Veritas Software

SANPoint Control version 3.5 offers an application-aware view of storage resources with the ability to discover Veritas, Oracle database and Microsoft Exchange applications and map the associated storage resources, said Jonathan Martin, director of product management for the company's high-availability and management products.

This application-aware management capability extends across heterogeneous direct-attached, SAN and tape storage and features a common console under which all the management tasks are performed, Martin said.

Also new in version 3.5 is the ability for SANPoint Control to discover critical data paths through a storage infrastructure between an application and its associated storage devices. Martin said this allows the setting of policies to enable proactive management of the path so that if the path is compromised, actions can be taken ranging from notifying an administrator of the problem to automatic provisioning of new storage to the application.

SANPoint 3.5 now also offers advanced storage provisioning, Martin said. This allows the application to automatically find available storage resources and connect those resources to hosts that need them without operator intervention.

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SANPoint 3.5 is currently available and priced at $20,000 per server, including the management of up to 16 ports. Additional port management is available at extra cost.