CA Software Bundle Melds Security With Storage Management

its eTrust Antivirus scan-protection application.

Called the CA Protection Suite, the new offering fully integrates the two software products, allowing them to work together seamlessly, said David Liff, vice president of storage at Islandia, N.Y.-based CA.

The ArcServe Backup- eTrust integration allows files to be scanned for viruses when they're backed up as well as when they're stored, according to Liff. Files that are scanned during a backup also are tagged as "scanned" so they don't have to be rescanned during the restore process, he said.

Greg Knieriemen, vice president of marketing at solution provider Chi, said the strategy of integrating security and storage resonates with his company's business model. The Warrensville Heights, Ohio-based firm is a growing

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storage-centric solution provider that's moving quickly to add security to

its practice, he said.

"From what we've seen, the marriage [of storage and security] can be very successful," Knieriemen said. "Security is creeping up more and more as part of storage. But until now, we've had no single solution in our back pocket."

Antivirus scanning is emerging as an important issue in the burgeoning disk-to-disk backup space, according to Knieriemen.

"With disk-to-disk backups, you are constantly overwriting data to a hard drive. And if there is no time mark on the data, you could be overwriting data with corrupted data or files," he said.

The CA Protection Suite for the Windows environment was scheduled to ship by the end of October, according to CA's Liff. The product's list price will be $895, a savings of about 20 percent compared with purchasing ArcServe Backup 9.0 and eTrust separately, he said. That price also includes a 10-node license for the eTrust software.

Solution providers that sell the ArcServe Backup-eTrust bundle are eligible for a $50 spiff, Liff added. Other bundles featuring the CA Protection Suite,along with specific agents for disaster recovery in Windows environments, Exchange and SQL,also will be available and eligible for the spiff, he said.

All of the product bundles also are being offered with one-, two- or three-year maintenance and support contracts, according to the company.