Iomega REV Drive Abundantly Bundled

The drive can be used to quickly add storage space to any PC or network and eases the transferring of files, but the most impressive feature is the variety of backup and disaster-recovery software bundled with the drive.

The most useful of the bundled tools is Norton's Ghost software, which facilitates system backup. An included step-by-step instruction guide makes the process simple for any user. The software is managed through an easy-to-navigate interface, but the drive must be connected to a USB 2.0 port, not a USB 1.1 port, to back up a system.

Most SOHOs and SMBs are restricted to low-cost storage solutions that may not offer them the performance and reliability they need to back up and recover sensitive data. The Iomega REV drive offers a terrific alternative due to its high-quality design, ease of use, low cost per Gbyte and excellent price-to-performance ratio.

CRN Test Center engineers evaluated the unit's performance in a wide variety of storage scenarios. Engineers downloaded enormous multimedia files from a PC directly to the drive, and transferred numerous types of data files between client PCs using the drive. All the tests went off without a hitch, and the drive demonstrated a high level of reliability and versatility.

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Installation of the drive is plug-and-play. Users only have to install the software and plug the unit into a USB port, and the configuration wizard walks users through the process step-by-step. Once installed, the REV drive will appear as a local system drive so users can back up important data merely by dragging and dropping files into the drive.

For an affordable SMB backup and recovery solution, the Iomega REV drive clearly fits the bill.

>Imoga REV 35-Gbyte/90-Gbyte USB 2.0 External Drive

San Diego
(858) 314-7000
DISTRIBUTORS: D&H, Ingram Micro, Synnex, Tech Data
WARRANTY: 1 year
PRICE: $399