MicroNet Brings Small-Business NAS To Channel

MicroNet's new Platinum NAS 3.0 appliance sports up to four 750-Gbyte SATA hard drives for a total raw capacity of up to 3 Tbytes, said Joe Trupiano, director of marketing at the Torrance, Calif.-based company.

The appliance comes preconfigured in one of four capacities, with list prices running from $1,100 for 1 Tbyte to $3,700 for 3 Tbytes, he said. Also included is a dual-channel Gigabit Ethernet connector, hot-swappable drives, and simultaneous online RAID expansion and RAID level or size migration.

To enable solution providers to add their own value to the appliance, the Platinum NAS 3.0 doesn't include any bundled software and supports almost any computing environment, including Windows, Unix and Macintosh platforms, according to Trupiano.

MicroNet has been selling a variety of storage products for homes and businesses direct to solution providers for years, and the company is now recruiting new VARs for the NAS appliance, Trupiano said.

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MicroNet ardently protects its VAR partners' customer relationships, Trupiano said. "If someone goes to us for a quote after getting a quote from a partner, we provide the partner the tools and marketing they need to close the sale," he said.