Asigra Adds Free CDP To Remote Backup/Restore Software

The company's new continuous data protection software provides real-time backup of data changes for small and midsize businesses with Windows, Linux, and Exchange environments, said Eran Farajun, executive vice president for the Toronto-based vendor.

With continuous data protection, or CDP, changes to data are backed up immediately or at certain pre-defined intervals to allow users to be able to instantly recover a deleted, corrupted, or modified file. While some applications allow data changes to be captured on-the-fly, most back up the changes at set intervals.

CDP technology, originally aimed at enterprises, has been gradually filtering down to the small business market. In July, In July, IBM unveiled a CDP application listing for $35.

Asigra is taking that one step further by making CDP a free upgrade to its Televaulting software for managed backup and restore service, Farajun said.

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The CDP feature is triggered each time a change to a company's data is made, said Farajun. "When data is written, Asigra grabs it, de-dupes it, and sends it to the vault," he said. "It is encrypted in flight and at rest at the service provider site.

Robert Bugtel, a partner at Digital Fortress, a San Antonio, Texas-based MSP and Asigra partner, said that adding CDP to Televaulting is great as long as it has no critical impact on bandwidth. "And with CDP, bandwidth is not an issue," Bugtel said.

Customer interest in the new CDP technology should be strong, Bugtel said.

"Customers most interest in CDP will be those who, if they lose the last 15 minutes of transactions, will be up the creek without the paddle," he said. "And if the cost is free, then it's a no-brainer."

The CDP feature is expected to be available for Televaulting on Tuesday.