MU Security Adds IPv6 To Testing Arsenal

The MU-4000 is designed to allow companies to test their hardware and software for unknown vulnerabilities by subjecting them to automated testing and a multitude of different attacks, says Adam Stein, vice president of marketing at MU Security. It's particularly well suited for integrators and managed service providers, he added.

"If you're an integrator or managed service provider who's developing a new offering, this lets you make sure that all of the hardware and software involved with that service is 'hackproof' and fine tuned under the hood," said Stein.

New features of the MU-4000 include additional testing protocols and the ability to test products using more than a dozen transport methods, including IPv4 and IPv6, the next generation Internet protocol that's supported in Microsoft Vista, Stein said.

As companies migrate to Vista, they'll face greater security risks as a result of having a mix of IPv4 and IPv6 based products on their networks, which is why it's important to test for areas of weakness, Stein said. "People don't realize that their attack surface grows when they used mixed transport," he said.

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Jim Vanderzon, president of Sun Management, a Bethesda, Md.-based solution provider, says the broader reach of protocol testing gives companies a way to find unknown vulnerabilities before they're discovered by hackers.

"Hackers will go after every hole that they can find, so the more protocols you can test, the better," Vanderzon said.

The MU-4000 is also helping put the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based startup on the security map. Apple Computer credited MU Security with discovering a vulnerability in the PPPoe protocol during its late November OS X critical patch release.

Finding a vulnerability in Microsoft software is no big deal, but finding one in Mac OS X shows that MU Security is covering a very wide swath of attack space, according to Vanderzon.

Another key strength of the MU-4000 is that it standardizes the reporting for all tests, including those provided by MU as well as test scripts that security integrators develop on their own, said Babak Pasdar, founder and CTO at igxglobal, Rocky Hill, Conn.

"[The MU-4000] really helps companies that don't have a super high level expert focusing exclusively on penetration testing or ethical hacking," Pasdar said.