Intel, CinemaNow Extend Burn-To-DVD Movie Service

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Currently, Viiv PC users can view movies locally on their computers, synchronize the content with portable devices and extend the content through their wired or wireless home network to other linked components, such as TVs. In tandem with Intel, CinemaNow -- a Marina Del Rey, Calif.-based online video provider -- now plans to optimize its Burn-to-DVD service for Viiv technology so consumers can use the service via a large screen, or 10-foot interface, from the comfort of their own couch.

The enhanced service, slated to be demonstrated at next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is due to out early this year, the companies said. The current Burn-to-DVD solution, launched in July, is available through a standard PC, or 2-foot interface.

In addition, CinemaNow plans to deliver more Viiv-based capabilities in early 2007, including the ability to extend premium movie content over home networks to connected devices.

Intel channel executive Steve Dallman said in a recent interview that digital integrators will find it easier to build serious home entertainment solutions in 2007 because of the availability of higher-powered multicore processors, Microsoft's Vista Home Premium Edition and a growing ecosystem of digital content providers willing to monetize their content for home use.

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For example, Clickstar recently launched a service that that will make some movies available for download within two weeks of their release to theaters.

The Intel-CinemaNow collaboration underscores the growing cooperation between consumer-electronics manufacturers, OEMs and digital content providers to establish PCs, mobile devices, cell phones and other consumer electronics as components of a multimedia platform.

For instance, at next week's Macworld expo in San Francisco, Apple is set to launch its iTV media streaming device as a way to extend the reach of its iPod/iTunes empire farther into the living room. Also, PC vendors are forging closer ties with television networks, movie distributors and media download sites to ensure that quality video ends up on the PC desktop as well as on mobile devices.