Chelsio The Latest To Introduce iSCSI Target Software

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Chelsio on Friday unveiled its iSCSI Target 3.0 software, which can be loaded on an industry-standard server with or without a hardware accelerator, said Kianoosh Naghshineh, president and CEO of the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company.

The company, which is better known as a developer of high-performance 10-Gbit Ethernet controllers and iSCSI acceleration adapters, is making its first foray into the stand-alone software space with the new iSCSI target, Naghshineh said. It expects to follow up later this year with a full set of software solutions including iSCSI initiator and boot-from-SAN software, he said. "We're dipping our toe into the waters," he said.

The software comes from a set of middleware applications Chelsio developed for its line of 10-Gbit and 1-Gbit Ethernet adaptors, which are part of the company's "Unified Wire" family of adaptors. The adaptors allow mixed connectivity solutions and partitioning of bandwidth to different simultaneously-running applications, Naghshineh said.

The software can be downloaded onto a server with a standard embedded gigabit Ethernet port, turning the server into an iSCSI appliance, Naghshineh said. Solution providers who also add a Chelsio 10-Gbit Ethernet network interface card get higher performance as the card's on-board TOE (TCP Offload Engine) provides hardware acceleration.

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Chelsio is only the latest of a number of vendors with plug-and-play software to turn ordinary servers into iSCSI appliances.

Adaptec entered the market in November with the introduction of its OnTarget 3.0 iSCSI target software. Also in this market is Wasabi Systems, Norfolk, Va., which last week said that its Storage Builder software now supports Intel's Storage System SSR212CC storage enclosure.

Other providers of iSCSI target software include Hamburg, Germany-based Open-E, the ANStor64 division of El Cajon, Calif.-based Cutting Edge, and Microsoft, which 11 months ago acquired the iSCSI target software technology developed by String Bean Software.

Chelsio's iSCSI Target 3.0 software is already available with a list price of $495 per instance.