Atempo Acquires Lighthouse To Combine File and E-mail Archiving


Atempo, Palo Alto, Calif., currently offers Atempo Archive Server, which is software to handle long-term protection of critical data for regulatory compliance and e-discovery requirements. It also offers LiveBackup, a software for automatically backing up data generated on mobile PCs it received with its 2006 acquisition of Storactive, Marina del Rey, Calif.

With Lighthouse, Atempo now adds e-mail archiving to its product line, said Karim Toubba, vice president of marketing and product management for Atempo.

"It's a technology-based acquisition," Toubba said. "It enables us to quickly integrate their solutions to give us a comprehensive archiving capability. When you combine file archiving and e-mail archiving, you can do things like de-dupe and search all that data from a single platform."

De-duplication, also called "de-dupe," removes duplicate information as data is backed up or archived. It can be done on the file level, where duplicate files are replaced with a marker pointing to one copy of the file, and/or at the sub-file or byte level, where duplicate bytes of data are removed, resulting in a significant decrease in storage capacity requirements.

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Combining the two into a single platform is the plan, Toubba said. By June, Atempo expects to be able to offer a common storage management interface to handle both file archiving and e-mail archiving, plus a single interface to do full content searches across both archives. That will also enable customers to de-dupe across both in order to ensure that duplicate files are not kept, he said.

"In the future, we'll have a single interface," he said. "We're doing a pretty aggressive integration roll out."

About 80 percent of Atempo's business comes through indirect channels. Lighthouse has both direct and indirect sales with its E-Trail product, but it is a small company with only 10 employees, Toubba said.