IBM Gets New Storage Chief

Curtis Tearte, a 30-year IBM veteran, on Monday was announced internally at IBM as the company's new general manager of storage in the IBM Systems and Technology Group.

Tearte is replacing Andy Monshaw, who was named general manager of sales and operations for IBM Japan.

Tearte is responsible for strategy, product development, marketing, sales support and program profitability for the IBM storage business, including its disk, tape, networking, storage software and solutions business.

He joined IBM's Systems and Technology Group in 2005, where he served as the general manager of the Industry Growth Initiatives, Infrastructure Solutions, Innovation Solutions and the Industry Systems Division organizations.

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Tearte joined IBM in 1979. Prior to working in the Systems and Technology Group, he served time handling public sector sales, communications, IBM Global Financing and other areas.

Storage solution providers working with IBM said they had not heard of the change in leadership, but they expect no impact from the change.

The shift is just part of the normal shuffling of IBM executives that happens every January or February, said Mitch Kleinman, president of Ryjac Computer Solutions, an IBM solution provider.

"IBM shuffles them around to different posts to help them understand the business," Kleinman said. "It's the best way for them to learn as they go up the corporate ladder. It's actually a good thing."

It is nothing to worry about, said Leif Morin, president of Key Information Systems, a solution provider and IBM partner

"It's a great opportunity for Andy, and for Curtis to contribute his expertise," Morin said. "I see this as IBM continuing a long-term strategy. Tearte will do well."

Another solution provider, who requested anonymity, said that leadership shuffles happen all the time. "I don't see this as affecting our business or IBM's storage business," the solution provider said.

An IBM spokesperson in an e-mailed statement said that the move is part of IBM's normal job rotation for senior executives and "ensures that IBM always has a deep bench of talent with a broad view of the business."