Intel Intros 40-GB SSD For $125

Intel on Monday unveiled its X25-V Value SATA solid state drive (SSD), a new line aimed at the netbook, notebook, and desktop PC market.

The X25-V 40-GB SSD is based on Intel's 34-nanometer flash memory technology, and offers four-times the performance of traditional hard drives for a total 43 percent system performance improvement, said Troy Winslow, Intel's director of product marketing for SSDs.

Winslow said that the X25-V can be used as a boot drive, and with 40 GB of storage capacity can hold the Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft Office applications, and gaming applications.

"We really want to get the message out that this is a great product with a $125 price point and with capacity large enough to hold your OS and applications," he said.

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The X25-V SSDs are also targeted at the industrial PC and POS markets, Winslow said. "Those are markets where battery performance and ruggedness is important," he said.

Currently, most SSDs in the market are aimed at enterprise customers through such storage OEMs as EMC and Sun Microsystems.

However, Intel is not the first to target the entry-level SSD market.

Toshiba in January used the Consumer Electronics conference to unveil new SSDs and SSD modules targeting mini-mobile and mobile PCs, including some devices weighing as little as 9 grams.

Micron Technology in December introduced new SSDs with 6-Gbps SATA connectivity targeting the mobile PC market, as well as plans to start producing them early this year in 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch form factors, each of which can be purchased in either 128-GB or 256-GB capacities.