Victorinox: New USB Swiss Army Knife 'Un-Hackable'


Victorinox was so confident that the removable USB flash drive in the Secure Pro Swiss Army Knife is tamper proof and un-hackable that the company offered up a bundle of cash -- roughly $150,000 -- to the first professional hacker that could crack into drive. That cash went unclaimed during the two-hour launch event.

The Secure Pro USB features biometric security in the form of a fingerprint reader and a thermal heat sensor, which means even the device won't read a fingerprint if there is no body heat present. The Victorinox Secure Pro USB Swiss Army Knife also features a self-destruct mechanism that kills the CPU and internal chips if anyone attempts to force the device open.

And, like most Swiss Army knives, the new Secure Pro USB from Victorinox adds a basic knife blade, scissors, a screwdriver, a ball point pen, an LED light and a nail file to complement the secure USB storage. Because the storage USB is detachable, it can be removed for air travel without the knife blades.

According to Victorinox, the Secure Pro USB Swiss Army Knife runs from 8 GB of storage up to 32 GB, between about $75 and $270. Right now it's only available in the UK, but a U.S. release is expected soon.

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