Nimbus Unveils NAND Solid-State Storage As Disk Array

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Those prices also include the entire HALO software stack, which help make the price comparable to hard drive-based arrays that typically require optional software, Isakovich said.

With Halo, customers get in-line deduplication, which gives a 2.5-TB model a logical storage capacity of up to 20 TB.

Also included is snapshot technology, which allows an unlimited number of recovery points to be kept without increasing the amount of capacity required, as well as always-on data replication so that customers need not worry about losing data since the last replication.

Isakovich said the Nimbus Sustainable Storage appliances are aimed at primary storage, especially in virtual server environments and anywhere customers have to deal with databases or online transaction processing.

Actually, customers will probably try the appliances for both primary storage and as a cache appliance for speeding up the performance of disk-based arrays, said Jeff Sessions, vice president of sales at Red River Computing, a Claremont, N.H.-based solution provider serving government and commercial clients.

Red River does a lot of disk-based storage for customers, and the Sustainable Storage can sit in front of that storage to make the performance much faster, Sessions said.

"We've installed it in a customer site already in the DoD [Department of Defense] space," he said. "It fit right in with their existing storage. This is a product that some of the more mainstream storage vendors will have to worry about."

The Sustainable Storage appliances are expected to start shipping this week. Nimbus depends completely on channel partners for sales, Isakovich said.


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