Nimbus Unveils NAND Solid-State Storage As Disk Array

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Nimbus Data Systems on Monday unveiled a new line of storage appliances that feature up to 100 TB of NAND-based, solid-state storage blades in place of traditional spinning hard drives.

The new Sustainable Storage appliances are aimed at not only increasing application performance, but also as a way to start helping customers replace power-hungry spinning hard drives, said Thomas Isakovich, CEO of San Francisco-based Nimbus.

Customers are seeing power costs rise out of control even as they start throwing solid-state memory devices in front of hard drives as a Band-Aid to increase storage performance, Isakovich said.

"We believe storage needs to evolve off the hard drive and to a new technology," he said.

Nimbus' Sustainable Storage features NAND memory-based, hot-swap blades, each of which has a capacity of 200 GB. The appliance fits up to 24 of those blades into a 2U rack-mount space, Isakovich said. Up to 504 of those blades can be tied into a single system using Nimbus' HALO operating system for a total of up to 100 TB.

Nimbus has priced the Sustainable Storage in such a way as to make it attractive as an alternative to primary storage arrays featuring 15,000-rpm hard disk drives, Isakovich said.

A version with 2.5 TB of capacity is list-priced under $25,000, while a 5-TB version lists for about $40,000, he said.


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