Mezeo Drives Cloud Integration, Partner Ecosystem


With the launch of the Mezeo Ready Program, the Houston-based company is highlighting a portfolio of technologies from various providers that MSPs and partners can tie together to enable Mezeo storage cloud solutions while also providing a certified ecosystem that is ready to roll.

According to Mezeo President and CEO Steve Lesem, service providers and other partners are want to deliver cloud storage as part of their overall cloud solutions, but are looking for innovative, yet simple ways to string together a cloud offering.

"Mezeo Ready partners help do that," he said. "They sell components providers can rely on to build out a storage cloud."

The Mezeo Ready Program is a sort of vetting and certification process that ensures solutions integrate and work together with Mezeo's offerings. It "identifies the pieces of the puzzle that fit together," Lesem said.

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"The Mezeo Ready Program brings together a full range of technology solutions that can be quickly integrated to create a complete yet customized cloud storage offering," Lesem said.

Currently, the Mezeo Ready Program's members include service providers, customers, developers, cloud gateway providers and technology partners that deliver solutions based around Mezeo cloud technologies like backup and archiving, cloud gateways and storage. Right now, there are roughly 13 cloud hosting partners, six solutions builders and a host of other members. Lesem said that when combined with the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform, the solutions can be mixed and matched to offer a single, integrated cloud storage solution that can be quickly deployed in any technology environment.

The Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform gives service providers the ability to offer branded cloud storage services, and enable large enterprises to implement a secure, private cloud.

Along with the Mezeo Ready Program, Mezeo has also launched the Mezeo Ready Developer Center, a repository of information and resources for developers who want to develop against Mezeo APIs to integrate Mezeo Ready solutions. The goal is to help developers build SaaS offerings that require cloud storage capabilities.

"We provide tools, developer guides and code examples to develop solutions to run on a Mezeo cloud," Lesem said. "All of this is about creating an ecosystem based on a cloud storage technology we call Mezeo."

The new Programs give MSPs and partners the ability to identify solutions and solution providers.

"They can see what works and what they can deliver to customers in the cloud arena," he said.