EMC Executive Departures Highlight Advances In Enterprise Channel Sales

CRN reported on Monday that Kristian Thyregod left his position as vice president of global channel marketing and global distribution.

Thyregod, a native of Denmark who previously ran channel marketing for EMC in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), took over the global channel marketing position earlier this year.

Solution providers close to EMC said Thyregod's departure is only the latest part of a channel reshuffle that started with the resignation of Willem Hendrickx, who from July of 2008 until a couple of months ago was senior vice president for EMC's global channels office.

Hendrickx this week was officially introduced as the new executive vice president for Telecom and Media at Tieto, a Sweden-based IT services company. Thyregod left EMC to pursue other opportunities, but has yet to provide any details. Both executives left EMC on friendly terms with the company.

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Hendrickx was focused on developing and executing EMC's global channel go-to-market strategy, and was responsible for working with EMC in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific-Japan to centralize the channel program and drive maximum leverage across them, an EMC spokesperson said.

Prior to 2008, Hendrickx, a native of Belgium, had a similar role in EMC's EMEA business.

Solution providers who knew Hendrickx and Thyregod said the two helped EMC increase the channel share of its enterprise storage sales, which traditionally relied heavily on direct sales.

Hendrickx, in particular, was brought over to the U.S. specifically to increase EMC's enterprise channel sales, said one solution provider, who wished to remain anonymous.

Hendrickx reported directly to William Teuber, EMC vice chairman, making him a peer of Bill Scannell, executive vice president for the Americas.

"Hendrickx was a huge advocate for a much more leveraged use of channels across EMC's entire account base, as opposed to EMC's traditional direct handling enterprise accounts," the solution provider said. "He was very active, and worked in EMC's VAR council for a year. He did pilot programs for the enterprise business."

The addition of Hendrickx to the EMC executive team led the company to make a significant change in Scannell's role, said a second solution provider who requested anonymity.

Scannell, who previously handled global sales, operations, and channels, is now focused on the global sales, the solution provider said. Global operations were given to Kevin Delane, an EMC vice president, while Hendrickx took over global channels.

Hendrickx's role is now being handled by Jeff Casale, acting senior vice president of global channels, who also reports directly to Teuber, EMC confirmed.

The second solution provider said Hendrickx made a lot of positive changes for EMC's enterprise channel business, including making it easier for larger solution providers to close more large account deals than in the past.

"He made things better for us," the solution provider said. "He fought for us."

Hendrickx was supported in his efforts by Gregg Ambulos, EMC's vice president of Americas Channels, and Thyregod, the solution provider said. They, along with Pete Koliopoulos, who until February served as EMC's vice president of global channel marketing, all deserve accolades for their channel efforts, the solution provider said.

Corrections: Bill Scannell's role as executive vice president, Americas has not been changed. He continues to lead Americas sales, channel and operations. Also, Kevin Delane's title is senior vice president of global accounts.