Startup Nimble Storage Puts Primary, Backup Storage In One Appliance

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Nimble Storage was founded by two former executives of Data Domain, which last year was acquired by EMC. Those executives, Nimble CEO Varun Mehta and Nimble CTO Umesh Maheshwari, tried to duplicate the success of Data Domain, which started by developing a new file system bundled with its own hardware, Mehta said.

The success of Data Domain was the key reason for Blue Chip Tek, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based solution provider, to sign on with Nimble storage, said Jason Geis, principal at Blue Chip Tek.

Geis said his company, which works with most of the major storage, networking,and virtualization vendors, likes the end-to-end storage message that Nimble Storage presents to customers.

"There are big guys out there with great storage and backup stories," Geis said. "But Nimble is able to do fast storage, backup, deduplication, and compression all in one purporse-built solution. Data Domain did purpose-built solutions. NetApp's OnTap is a purpose-built operating system. That's a compelling message to customers."

The ability to target customer pain points with a unique product that combines a wide range of technologies is something customers will listen to, Geis said. "In today's market, customers need a solid offering, especially from a startup," he said. "A lot of startups are not around any more."

Pricing for the CS-Series starts at under $3 per GB of primary storage and under 25 cents per GB of secondary storage.

They are expected to be generally available starting in August exclusively through authorized Nimble Storage channel partners.


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