HP Launches New Virtualized Storage Service

storage management

HP Virtualized Storage Service (VSS) can save clients up to 30 percent in costs, according to HP, by increasing its number of users and taking advantage of integrated storage management. With tools such as VCloud director, a virtual set of resources on virtual machines, physical servers and virtual servers can be brought together, addressing server sprawl by orchestrating infrastructure for improved service delivery, HP said.

HP VSS was released in conjunction with VMWorld in San Francisco, where Mark Potter, HP's senior vice-president and general manager, took the stage to present new solutions for cloud computing alongside several partners in the industry, including VMware itself. Executives from both companies spoke of a close ten-year partnership.

HP VSS manages data and improves efficiency through thin provisioning and data tiering, two of the capabilities which monitoring services from the data center provide. Thin provisioning involves making use of previously unused storage space, an advantage unique to HP, whose servers are optimized to run on VMware. Rapid, efficient use of storage space pooled together can reduce costs and increase capacity utilization by 300 percent, HP said. Data tiering helps clients move mission-critical data from tier to tier, based on priority.

“As virtualization moves to new areas in the data center, clients are beginning to realize its improved performance and cost benefits when applied to data,” Jeff Moyer, director, Storage Services, HP Enterprise Services, said in a statement. “HP VSS is uniquely positioned to bring storage flexibility and elasticity to a client’s infrastructure by allowing storage to be continually optimized as the business value of aging data changes over time.”

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