IBM Intros New Arrays, Adds Virtualization, Tiering Capabilities

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To that end, IBM on Thursday unveiled a new version of its SAN Volume Controller (SVC), an appliance which virtualizes a customer's existing storage capacity into a single pool to improve management of that storage.

New to the SVC is Easy Tier, which automatically migrates data between multiple tiers of storage, including low-speed disk, high-speed disk, and solid state disk, Truskowski said. "Easy Tier automatically learns which data is frequently accessed and moves it to solid state disk," he said."

SVC was also given the same GUI of IBM's XIV arrays, which Truskowski said includes many built-in IBM recommendations for used in storage provisioning to make it easier for customers to learn and use the appliance.

At the enterprise level, IBM introduced the DS8800 array, a new model in its DS family. The DS8800 features IBM's POWER6+ controllers, 8-Gbit per second Fibre Channel and 6-Gbit per second SAS connectivity, and 40-percent higher performance than the company's previous top model, the DS8700.

The DS8800 also includes Easy Tier, a high value-add feature that will help customers cut the cost of storage, said Scott Pond, CTO at Key Information Systems, a Woodland Hills, Calif.-based solution provider and IBM partner.


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