XiloCore, N-able Integrate Management Dashboards

Storage specialist XiloCore reached a deal to integrate its backup and recovery services into N-able Technologies' N-central network and systems management platform.

XiloCore's storage offerings now show up embedded in N-central 7.1, which simplifies MSPs' ability to remotely monitor and manage backup and recovery, said Lester Keizer, CEO of XiloCore.

"It gives users the efficiencies of a single dashboard. It's a real pain for MSPs and takes a long time to track all the backup and recovery statuses and notifications. To have a common platform, this is an efficient, simplified way to have MSPs use N-able to have a one-stop shop," Keizer said.

The five-point integration auto-discovers the XiloCore/Asigra software for simplified installation and configuration; discovers backup sets; monitors the health of XiloCore's recovery appliances; provides detailed job completion metrics; and integrates into N-able's N-compass Executive Summary Reporting capabilities, according to XiloCore.

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Keizer said the integration will satisfy the needs of current N-able/XiloCore partners and allow XiloCore to go after additional N-able partners not using XiloCore now.

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"It's integrated so there's nothing they have to do. When you sign up with N-able, once you use the [N-central] tool, it's embedded in there. It can be downloaded from N-able's resource center," Keizer said.

XiloCore was founded in 2007 as a spinoff by a small group of VAR executives and differentiates itself from the "1,500 online storage backup companies, including about two new ones every day" by guaranteeing its restorations, he said.

XiloCore has a "never-ending healing cycle" that analyzes and repairs every file under the company's control.

"It's like cell regeneration when you have a wound or something. This mechanism fully and automatically heals corrupt files so at the end of the day, we don't have any corrupt files in our vaults. When you recover, you can recover fully," Keizer said.