Storage Developer Cleversafe Gets Investment From CIA Venture Arm

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Secure cloud storage developer Cleversafe has received a strategic investment from In-Q-Tel, an investment arm of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The company is also planning to unveil a new version of its Cleversafe Dispersed Storage technology with improved security and efficiency for storing data in the cloud.

The Cleversafe Dispersed Storage technology stores data by slicing it up into several slices and distributing the slices across multiple storage nodes, which can be either within a corporate data center, across multiple data centers, or in a storage cloud, said Julie Bellanca, director of marketing and a co-founder of the Chicago-based company.

By slicing data into slices and distributing it across multiple nodes, the data is secure since any unauthorized person who got access to one slice would not be able to access the entire data set, Bellanca said.

A typical customer configures the data to be stored in 16 slices, and allows for up to six of those slices to be lost or corrupted before impacting the ability of the storage to be recovered, Bellanca said. That "10-16" configuration is popular because it is easy to spread that number of slices across two data centers, each with eight nodes, but it can be configured for any number of slices using the Cleversafe technology, she said.


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