HDS Launches New Content Platform For Cloud Storage

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HCP provides object-oriented storage with metadata wrapped around the storage object to let customers add intelligence to their storage in multitenant environments, Loughlin said.

Such intelligence allows customers to manage and preserve data for long periods of time for legal, compliance, or other business reasons with such services as data integrity checking, RAID 6, replication, encryption, WORM, audit logging, and so on to make sure data remains accessible and in its original form for years.

New for HCP v4 is advanced replication capabilities, including the ability to replicate from many devices to a single HCP or to chain the replication of several units, Loughlin said. Also new is dynamic data protection levels, which Loughlin said allows two units to back each other up for disaster recovery purposes without the requirement that the data on both be the same.

Also new is the ability for HCP to instantly recognize and use new capacity as it is added, she said.

HDS has also increased the manageability of the HPC with a new management API that allows service providers to provide new services such as automated chargeback in multitenant configurations.


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