Innovative ICI Receives EMC Global Services' Top Partner Award

International Computerware Inc. (ICI), which has created its own unique nCubed solutions methodology, this week received the highest global services award from storage giant EMC.

The fast growing Marlborough, Mass. company, which has won a number of awards for its nCubed methodology, beat out numerous multibillion dollar global services giants for the top honor.

"We are up against big global services companies and we beat them all the time," said Jamie Shepard, executive vice president of ICI. "It's all about our nCubed methodology and bringing the customer the right solution. We are not simply throwing a soution over the wall."

ICI describes nCubed as a service-oriented IT methodology aimed at defining unique IT services that can be brought to bear for the customer after a Now-Next-Nirvana IT assessment. "It's the secret sauce," said Shepard of nCubed. "Plus we have kick ass people."

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EMC, for its part, called out ICI as "a loyal, motivated, and self sufficient EMC partner who enhances the EMC brand in the marketplace."

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"ICI has developed a skilled and diverse EMC services team with competence across the EMC Consolidate, Backup and Archive product portfolios with a 40 percent year-over-year increase in the number of post-sale certifications," EMC noted in the awards presentation.

The EMC recognition marks the fourth award that ICI has received this year from the Hopkinton, Mass.-headquartered storage giant.

At EMC World earlier this year, ICI won global partner of the year and group award honors from the EMC Information Intelligence Group, EMC Gold Medal Studio E for best customer profile, and the Authorized Services Network (ASN) Quality award. ICI, in fact, is one of only two EMC Global Services partners to win the ASN Quality award three years in a row.

At the heart of ICI's success is an entrepreneurial culture aimed at pushing the technology envelope to give customers unique breakthrough business solutions. "We just celebrated our 25th anniversary and we are the oldest startup I have ever seen," said Shepard. "We reinvent ourselves every six months. We are bringing truly innovative and creative solutions to the market that are helping shape the industry. We are on fire right now! No one is touching us!"

ICI's charged up culture has even taken on rock band Fort Minor's "Remember The Name" song as an anthem to remind customers that there is no other solution provider with the unique nCubed methodology. The driving Remember The Name lyrics are: "This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill/ Fifteen percent concentrated power of will/ Five percent pleasure/Fifty percent pain/ And a hundred percent reason to remember the name."

"ICI," says Shepard. "Remember the Name!"