EMC Tackles 'Big Data'

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EMC plans to provide full open-source support for the Apache Hadoop project, which develops open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing.

That support includes the eventual release of software, appliance, and eventually virtual appliance versions of the Hadoop technology in connection with technology it got with last year's Greenplum acquisition.

EMC also expanded its Documentum technology with the addition of new on-demand cloud provisioning capabilities and the ability to do complete audit trails for compliance purposes, Gelsinger said.

Also new is Project Lightning, a new PCIe Flash technology for use in servers which allow workloads to be migrated between compute-intensive and capacity-intensive storage environments.

The Isilon IQ 108NL hardware product and SmartLock data retention software application are already available. The IQ 108NL is list priced at $123,500 per node, while SmartLock lists starting at $1,950 per node.

Atmos 2.0 and GeoDrive are slated to ship in the second quarter. Interoperability with Amazon S3 is expected to be in beta in the second quarter.


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