VaultLogix Set To Be Big HP Cloud Storage Partner After Autonomy Bid Closes

The move also potentially makes Danvers, Mass.-based VaultLogix the biggest reseller of Hewlett Packard's future business-oriented cloud storage business, as LiveVault is owned by Autonomy, a company which is in the process of being acquired by HP.

VaultLogix offers three types of cloud-based backup solutions, said Shane Arnold, vice president of marketing and product management.

The three include a solution based on the company's own proprietary technology, one based on technology from a partnership with i365 EVault, and one with Autonomy's LiveVault.

"Because of multiple acquisitions, we ended up with relationships with third-party providers," Arnold said. "We've found that no single solution works for every customer."

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VaultLogix provides its three solutions to business clients either directly or via resellers. The company provides 24x7 customer support from two call centers, and provides customers a service level agreement (SLA), Arnold said.

"The channel is something we invested a lot in," he said. "Partners manage their own accounts directly, and can create and delete accounts."

With the acquisition of the Utility Backup Solutions assets, VaultLogix is expanding an existing relationship with Autonomy, Arnold said. "LiveVault is a product we already support," he said. "It's easy to integrate into our system."

For Utility Backup Solutions customers, it's business as usual, Arnold said. "They can even use the same 1-800 number for support," he said. "The only difference from what they had before is, we provide better support."

HP is on the way to becoming a provider of cloud storage services thanks to its planned $10.3-billion acquisition of Autonomy. Autonomy got the LiveVault service with its May acquisition of Iron Mountain Digital Services.

As a result, VaultLogix could likely end up one of HP's largest cloud backup and recovery service reseller once the Autonomy acquisition closes, Arnold said.

Arnold said he does not expect any change in VaultLogix's LiveVault service as a result of HP's Autonomy acquisition.

"Contractually, our relationship survives any successors," he said. "We haven't felt any differences since the Autonomy acquisition was announced. Autonomy has not made any personnel changes in its support and delivery of the service. I expect to see the same if HP takes over."

Arnold said he does not expect big changes in the service from HP. "I don't think HP has a similar business service," he said. "I don't think HP would want to cut off the revenue stream."

While Autonomy's LiveVault will be HP's first business-class cloud storage play, the company did make a short-lived run in the consumer online backup business with Upline, a service it built on a 2008 acquisition of a company called Opelin. The Upline service was closed in 2009 by HP shortly after it was rolled out after problems with lost data.