Dell Integrates Its Storage With Force10 Networking, Ocarina Compression

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In addition to integrating the Ocarina compression technology into its DX Object Storage Platform, Dell is also partnering with AvePoint on technology for better managing archived data on the platform.

AvePoint, a Jersey City, N.J.-based developer of infrastructure management, on Tuesday unveiled a new partnership with Dell under which the AvePoint technology can be used with the DX Object Storage Platform to manage SharePoint archives, backup data, and BLOB (binary large object) data, said John Hodge, vice president of product management for global accounts at the software vendor.

Before the partnership, customers could manage such data using separate third-party software for SharePoint, backup, and BLOB data, including the AvePoint software, Hodge said.

"But this is the first time customers can now handle all three with one software," he said. "The DX is the first to handle all three types of data, and to add compression."

AvePoint offers solutions via other storage vendors that handle things like large object stores, cloud storage, and backup-based deduplication, Hodge said. "But Dell comes to us with one solution that is a single repository for all three using our software," he said.

The new software is available for trial use now, and is expected to be in production early next year, Hodge. said.


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