NetEx Bumps IP Data Throughput To 480 Mbps, Looks For Channel To Sell

NetEx, though originally intending to sell its products to OEM storage vendors, has shifted strategy and is bringing on a sales force to sell direct and via solution providers, said NetEx President and CEO Craig Gust.

The Minneapolis-based company, which was formed to develop technology for sending data via satellite before being spun off from StorageTek in 1999, on Monday unveiled its fifth-generation HyperIP software accelerator appliance.

The new HyperIP is aimed at replicating data over IP networks at distances of 200 or more circuit miles, said Gust.

While TCP protocols work fine for distances of less than 200 circuit miles, Gust said that at longer distances, TCP starts to max out at 30 percent of the throughput capacity of the line. HyperIP, on the other hand, can offer about 90 percent of a line's maximum throughput with a 1 percent to 3 percent packet loss to up to 46,000 circuit miles, he said.

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The HyperIP appliance uses NetEx's proprietary software on an industry-standard, Linux-based, 1U rack-mount server. The appliance compresses data from between 2:1 and 15:1, depending on how compressible the data is, Gust said. The proprietary software encrypts the data for security over the longer distances, he said.

With release 5 of the appliance, data throughput has been enhanced to 480 Mbps, which Gust said is beyond OC3 line speed. The new release also offers the ability to set up a proxy mode and is tuned for a variety of new applications and protocols.

For customers, one HyperIP appliance sits in a central data center, and another sits in each of one or more remote data centers. When data is moved between data centers, it is transformed by one appliance from TCP format to a standard UDP format for high-speed transfer to the second appliance, where it is transformed back into the TCP format. No other special software, addressing or circuits are needed, said Gust.

The HyperIP appliance is available now starting at a list price of $19,750.