CRN Exclusive: EMC Passes Enterprise Services Baton To Partners

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Meanwhile, EMC'’s focus on the channel has not gone unnoticed.

"Over the years, we've seen EMC emerging as a go-to partner with the channel," FusionStorm’s Serpico said. "EMC sees the value in its partners and is now creating programs to make it easier for us to work with them, and to make it easier for their sales to identify go-to partners."

However, one longtime EMC solution provider who requested anonymity said that while EMC has shown amazing improvements in the channel over the years, there remains under the surface the lingering effects of its old direct sales culture.

"The culture is the culture," the solution provider said. "“EMC has great guys who are true channel champs in the organization. But in the enterprise space, they will sometimes do whatever they want. There are still times when they put on direct activities without the VAR, or treat us like a supply chain instead of as partners."

World Wide Technology's Olwig said he would never say that there isn't some behavior coming out of EMC that harkens back to the old direct days.

"But the collaboration we have at the field leadership level shows EMC recognizes the importance of World Wide" he said.

In the end, Serpico said, actions speak louder than words and EMC is demonstrating the right actions.

"EMC is showing clearly where it wants to go with the channel," he said.


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