Gelsinger Taking Over VMware As Storage, Virtualization Come To A Crossroads

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EMC will still be hands-off with VMware, Presidio's Kaplan said. "I don't see EMC making VMware captive of EMC," he said. "EMC of course wants to leverage VMware's technology, just like all companies do. But I suspect VMware will stay independent. It has to stay agnostic to storage."

By moving Gelsinger to run VMware, EMC is letting VMware continue to develop its technology in a storage-agnostic fashion, said Jamie Shepard, executive vice president of technology solutions at ICI, a Marlborough, Mass.-based partner of both EMC and VMware.

"I like Gelsinger," Shepard said. "I like his attitude. Where he has been, what he was exposed to at EMC, will be good for VMware. While on the road, Gelsinger is comfortable talking technology roadmaps, and has gotten a lot of attention at EMC. And that's all good for VMware."



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