Zetta Adds Smart Cloud, Lean Local Copy To DataProtect Cloud Storage Software

Zetta.net has expanded its DataProtect cloud storage technology with new integrated features that reduce local storage footprints while adding the ability to use local network storage to quickly recover or restore lost data.

Zetta.net, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based developer of the DataProtect cloud storage technology for backup, disaster recovery and archiving, on Monday introduced Smart Cloud, a new Web-based file system that allows business users to mount cloud-based versions of their data in case their primary data center is lost.

The company also introduced Lean Local Copy, which allows the most up-to-date version of data to be stored locally on a LAN for fast recovery and restoration of data.

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Zetta.net DataProtect is a three-in-one cloud storage technology that provides cloud-based backups, replication of data with WAN optimization and cloud-based snapshots so that customers can roll back to earlier versions of the data stored in the company's file system.

DataProtect does not use a purpose-built appliance for staging backups to the cloud but instead uses software to back up server data directly to a cloud, said Chris Schin, vice president of products for Zetta.net.

"This gives us the ability to provide customers a good backup solution, a good archive solution -- because customers can delete original copies of their older data -- and a good disaster recovery solution," Schin said.

With the addition of Smart Cloud, businesses get fast, efficient recovery of data in a disaster by making that data accessible to users as if it were local to their applications, Schin said.

"Zetta's Smart Cloud splits the dependencies between the local apps and the cloud to make it easier to restore the data from either one," he said.

Smart Cloud is a cloud-based file system, said Gary Sevounts, vice president of marketing for Zetta.net. "If a facility goes down, the software can map the file system in the cloud to compute resources in a remote site as if it were a local drive," Sevounts said.

NEXT: Lean Local Copy, New Plug-Ins For MSPs Lean Local Copy, on the other hand, ensures that an up-to-date copy of data stored in the cloud is available over a LAN on a local device for fast restoration, Zetta's Schin said. As a result, restoration of the data is fast because DataProtect does not require a separate appliance to manage the backups and recovery.

"Our single client has split paths, with one going direct to the cloud and one direct to a local appliance," Schin said. "So customers can restore directly from either. Otherwise, with traditional cloud backup software, they would have to restore to a local cloud storage appliance first."

Also new from Zetta.net are new plug-ins for MSPs, Schin said.

"This lets our MSP partners extend their apps to storage," he said. "For instance, many MSPs deal with a specific vertical with niche apps. If an MSP focused on that vertical has expertise with that app, they can add our API to make the app work with Zetta."

The enhanced version of Zetta.net DataProtect is now available with pricing starting at $225 per month, which includes unlimited licenses and 500 GB of what Zetta.net calls enterprise-grade secure online storage.