CRN Storage News

  • Enterprise Storage: Small World After All
    Enterprise storage vendors, which in the past year or so have pushed into the burgeoning small-business storage market, have succeeded in building fast-growing, satisfied channels.
  • Data Domain Going Public, Signs Pact With Quantum
    Data Domain late Friday filed a form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a preliminary to its upcoming IPO, and said in that listing that it has signed an intellectual property cross-license agreement with rival Quantum. Data Domain is one of the pioneers of the data de-duplication industry.
  • Sanrad Asks Channel Help To Rope In Rogue Servers
    Sanrad this week started shipping a new version of its intelligent SAN devices which allow the storage capacity of "rogue" servers, which are servers not connected to a SAN, to be managed as if they were on a SAN. The company is also shifting to an all-channel sales model in the U.S. based on its experience with its European sales channel business.
  • Siafu Combines Replication, Encryption In New Appliance
    Siafu Software has combined data encryption and data replication into a single appliance in a move that some in the channel said may yet be ahead of its time. The company this week enhanced its like if IP SAN appliances with block-based replication for encrypted data for use in data recovery and remote office data consolidation.
  • Overland Enhances REO Virtual Tape Library
    Overland Storage on Monday unveiled the successor to its entry-level virtual tape library, but solution providers said the product faces intense competition from other vendors and from disk-based storage arrays.
  • Channel Makes Its De-Dupe Pitch
    De-duplication solutions are playing into the hands of the channel because the technology requires a lot of VAR evangelizing.
  • Emulex, LSI Team On Out-of-Band Storage Virtualization
    Emulex and LSI Logic are working together to bring out-of-band storage virtualization to the channel with a low-cost appliance that makes use of Emulex's AV150 intelligent storage processor and LSI's Storage Virtualization Manager application, which LSI got with its acquisition in November of StoreAge Networking Technologies, to do out-of-band storage virtualization.
  • Zetera Delivers Networked Storage Solutions To Channel
    Storage vendor Zetera is moving its technology for developing simple, user-friendly storage networks from its OEM roots to bring it to the channel. The company this week unveiled its NBOD family of networked storage solutions along with its first formal channel program in a bid to gain the support of solution providers with small and midsize business clients needing help to tackle their growing storage requirements.
  • Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure: Major Amendments
    VARs are taking a closer look at data storage, electronic discovery and other solutions emerging from changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). Here's a list of major amendments to the FRCP.
  • The New Storage Rules
    The updated Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is reshaping the way solution providers must approach data storage for customers facing litigation. And in today's litigious world, that's a lot of customers.