CRN Storage News

  • Hitachi: 4-Tbyte Hard Drives Coming
    Hitachi and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies on Monday said the companies have developed the technology needed to increase the areal density of hard drives as a precursor to developing 4-Tbyte hard drives.
  • Diagnosis: Paper Overload
    The medical industry is awash in a sea of paper. There are forms, correspondence, charts, records and so on that overload the typical doctor's office, clinic or even small hospital. What's more, because of legislative requirements, there is a management burden associated with all that paper. Rules and regulations dictate what can be done with that printed information and when and where it can be stored.
  • 5 Steps For an Easy RAID 1 Setup
    Channel Test Center engineers scoured the earth for a no-frills approach to setting up a RAID array for small businesses. Here's what they came up with.
  • EMC Takes Storage Crown
    The king of storage management software is also the undisputed king of the storage management software channel.
  • Lots Of Love For EMC And HP
    Top honors for the Network Storage category in this year's VARBusiness Annual Report Card survey proved to be one of the closest races in any category. EMC and Hewlett-Packard tied for the top spot, both barely ahead of last year's winner, Network Appliance.
  • EMC To Make The Most Out Of Mozy
    Deal is seen by some that the time has come for solution providers to make sure they have a stake in online storage backup-as-a-service.
  • Data Storage Encryption: Hot Or Not?
    Enterprise storage security and key management is driving the next step in data classification best practices. Find out why you should get involved now.
  • Dell, IBM want a piece of the storage business' hottest ticket

    The New iSCSI Players
    Two of the tier-one storage vendors embraced iSCSI storage in the last few weeks, ready to take part in the fastest-growing segment of the storage business.
  • RocketRAID 3320 Blasts Off
    HighPoint Technologies' RocketRAID 3320 is one of the fastest and most stable cards tested by the CRN Test Center. The 3320 card is perfectly suited for data-intensive computing such as e-mail archiving, video streaming and many other uses for high-end storage systems.