CRN Storage News

  • HP Keeps Eye On Storage, Dell
    CRN Industry Editor Craig Zarley spoke recently with Adrian Jones, Hewlett-Packard's vice president and general manager, Americas Solutions Partners Organization, about issues facing HP and its partners.
  • IP Commerce links channel program to online payment offering

    Money Matters
    IP Commerce, developer of an online payment software framework, is ready to roll out its first channel program for solution providers.
  • Review: Does ROBObak Beat The Remote Backup Blues?
    The CRN Test Center puts ROBObak, a software-only backup solution, through the paces. Does it beat the remote backup blues? The application offers the ability to schedule and restore backups, encryption, hot backups, and de-duplication. The name reflects the company's focus on Remote Office and Branch Office backups.
  • Expected changes in the ways customers will store and access data is pushing SAN vendors and VARs into new directions

    A Twist On Storage
    A number of the leading SAN component vendors are expanding from their traditional comfort zones in order to better take advantage of future trends in the storage industry, resulting in new potential opportunities for their solution providers partners that also wish to expand.
  • HP Doubles Down On Storage
    Hewlett-Packard, which has been suffering from a slump in storage sales for more than a year, is now counting on new products, new management, and a new channel program to help it regain its footing.
  • Big Storage Opens Up
    Vendors make it easier for smaller solution providers to offer high-end storage systems.
  • Quantum Doubles Down On De-Dupe
    Quantum is going flexible with its first enterprise-class disk backup and data de-duplication appliance by allowing users the flexibility of using either in-line or post-processing to eliminate duplicate data on a virtual tape library that scales to 240 Tbytes.