EMC's Velocity: Services Requirement For Signature Premier Is Out, Isilon Is In

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"If you look at customers' infrastructures today, the ratio of unstructured data growth is exponentially higher than block data," he said. "EMC's biggest potential growth is in Isilon. In the future, you will see lots of file-only architectures to handle files in an unstructured fashion."

EMC's Velocity program also now offers increased monetary benefits to customers, Iventosch said. The company is adding additional rebates of 1.5 points for Velocity Signature Premier partners and 1.0 points for Velocity Signature partners for every deal, with no minimum, he said.

For Isilon sales, EMC's Velocity partners also can qualify for an additional 2.0 points of rebates for bringing in new customers. Those customers also could include existing EMC customers who have never purchased Isilon before, he said.

The company, which in the past offered co-op funds to partners, is now offering up to half those funds as market development funds while cutting in half the paperwork needed to qualify for those funds, Iventosch said.

Norbie warned EMC it had better have its wallet stuffed with cash for partners.

"EMC had better have a lot of cash on hand for the partners to handle their new Isilon rebates," he said.


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