IceWEB To Acquire Computers & Tele-Comm, Build Business Cloud Storage, File Sharing Tech

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While most data centers are commodity deliverers of services, CTC has not only a higher speed offering but the ability to scale virtually infinitely, IceWEB's Howe said.

"Taken as a whole, we cover cloud storage end-to-end, from the guy who wants to use his iPad to the enterprise," he said. "Managed services, collocation and now Icebox, we have it all covered."

The next step for IceWEB is to push hard into the channel, Howe said. The company currently works with both direct and indirect channels, but it wants to develop a primarily channel-focused model.

"We can't get to everyone we need to reach on our own," he said. "We want a robust channel. Our margins are very rich for this. It's a quick sale. People want this now, and we can deliver it. We've been seeing the 'chart-ware' from others, but we can deliver it today."

Computers & Tele-Comm is itself a relatively new company. The Kansas City Business Journal reported that the private equity firm from which IceWEB acquired CTC had purchased Internet service providers Computers & Tele-Comm and KC Nap in January and merged them into one.


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