Seagate's EVault Cloud Storage Business Joins OpenStack

EVault on Tuesday said it is joining OpenStack both to contribute to development of the open-cloud computing community and to add OpenStack to its cloud storage services.

Seagate on Feb. 20 joined OpenStack and the Open Compute Project.

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George Hoenig, vice president of products and services at EVault, wrote in response to emailed questions from CRN that EVault believes in an open source model for building private and public clouds, and that the company plans to focus on the storage components of OpenStack.

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"For EVault, the move is an opportunity to contribute to OpenStack Swift, which is a project centered on the development of a highly available, distributed object storage system that companies can use to store large amounts of data efficiently, safely, and inexpensively," Hoenig wrote.

OpenStack Swift features redundant and self-healing properties to help provide enterprise-class durability while helping reduce storage management costs, he wrote.

"These traits are consistent with all of the products and services EVault offers, strengthening our ability to deliver the best cloud and cloud-connected technology and services to the market," Hoenig wrote. "EVault benefits from the adoption of the OpenStack cloud management platform for the management of our own storage services, and we benefit from the accelerated pace of innovation by collaborating with the broader community."

EVault's embrace of the OpenStack community will allow the company's solution providers to broaden the range of professional and managed storage services they currently bring to customers, Hoenig wrote.

"As OpenStack matures, we expect our partners will work with customers to design, implement, and manage compelling hybrid solutions that connect customers’ private clouds with EVault’s public cloud services," he wrote.